Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Taking the Fear Out of Seizure Disorder

At Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers, our goal is to ensure that those living with a  disability or illness have a chance at living a full, meaningful life. We also understand that any illness, whether large or small, can get in the way of achieving this. Through our service dogs, we are able to complete our mission in providing safety and independence to those who suffer from seizure disorder. Read to learn how you can find comfort through seizure disorder.

What is Seizure Disorder?

Seizure disorder is characterized as an invisible illness, meaning it is a disability that is not apparent to the general public. It is a condition where uncontrolled electrical activity occurs in the brain. During a seizure, uncontrollable shaking can occur, as well as unconsciousness and unawareness. Seizures can be unpredictable, causing the person affected by the disorder harm in any environment, whether publicly or at home. Because they can occur at unexpected times, those who suffer from it find themselves in fear, anxiety and a sense of a loss of control. Living with seizure disorder can be a hardship not only for the person affected but for their loved ones as well. The care worry and fear for your loved one can be extensive.

How to Combat Fear in Seizure Disorder

When there is no way around an invisible illness, seizure response dogs provide hope and security for those looking to lead a normal life free from fear. They are fully trained to give those with seizure disorder protection during and after a seizure. Some benefits of seizure response dogs include:
  • Activating a life alert system and retrieving help during a seizure
  • Guarding their handler in a public setting during a seizure
  • Stimulating their handler if they fall unconscious

Those with invisible illness and their loved ones carry a fear that danger might strike in a location where help can not be found. With a service dog, you know you are protected from the damaging effects of seizure disorder. When leading a full life through public events, school, grocery shopping and more, fear of the effects of seizures lessens with a service dog.

More About SDWR Seizure Response Dogs

The benefits of seizure response dogs doesn’t end there. Yes, you will always find physical protection through your service dog. You will also be surprised that your seizure dog provides a great, satisfying sense of companionship and independence. With a friend with you by your side, loving and protecting you, feeling happiness is not hard. The isolation one may feel through living with an invisible illness can always be combated with the loving nature of a SDWR service dog. As service dog providers, SDWR would also like to note that seizure response dogs do not alert for seizure, they help in the time of need and after a seizure has occurred.  

To learn more about seizure dogs for kids and adults, contact Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers today.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Another Reason to Love SDWR Diabetic Alert Dogs

Alert dogs for Diabetics are a miracle for those affected by diabetes. Whether you’re directly affected by diabetes or are involved in diabetes care, a Diabetic Alert Dog can and will change your life. At SDWR, we stand by that statement. Day in and day out, our service dogs provide safety to the thousands of families who suffer alongside this invisible disease. And more than ever, we receive stories like these that remind us why we love our Diabetic Alert Dogs. Read on to find how much this family cherishes their beloved service dog, Blossom:
“Blossom had an AWESOME day! She did 3/4 alerts – and the one she missed was a 203 at dinnertime. As crazy as it was in the house and with me in the kitchen, I’m willing to bet it was me that missed the alert – not Blossom! : )
Tonight Kaci tested at bedtime (8:09pm) at 100. Blossom always goes to Kaci’s room at 8pm and begs to be put up on her bed – but not tonight. She was not going to bed until I fixed her girl! Of course, being the slow learner that I am (and a know-it-all!) I was sure Kaci was fine since she had dinner an hour ago and her blood sugar should be starting to rise. She was definitely on her way up, right? Wrong!
Blossom just didn’t seem tired. We played with her, took her on a walk, but she still wouldn’t settle down. Finally, Kaci was so tired that we decided to just put both of them to bed and see if Blossom would settle in. Not happening – she yipped and fidgeted all over the bed. At 8:40, I had Kaci test – 49! Kaci drank some juice and I put both of them back to bed. When I went in to retest at 9pm, Kaci was 110 and both girls were sleeping peacefully. Blossom, I love you!!”
The peace and happiness our service dogs provide is unmatched. As we know, diabetes doesn’t have to be a burden. Despite what you may have seen through diabetes care, safety and protection from dangerous highs and lows is a possibility. To begin, we choose only pups with the highest scent capabilities and best temperament. Our unique and extensive training program allows us to train service dogs to their best potential. With their countless benefits, there’s no reason not to love our Diabetic Alert Dogs.

If you want to learn more about our alert dogs for diabetics, contact SDWR today.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Don't Let an Invisible Illness Hold You Down

The daily life of an individual affected by an invisible illness such as diabetes, autism or seizure disorder is complicated. The term ‘invisible illness’ holds true to it’s name - there are so many layers of struggles that others’ don’t actually see in your disease. Invisible illnesses cause fear and isolation not only to those directly affected by it, but to family members and loved ones as well. Constant worry is always at the back of your mind.

At SDWR, our greatest concern is that individuals allow their invisible illness to hold them back from living a full life. These worries and concerns start to disappear as handlers and their families find safety, security and trust in their service dog. Keep reading to learn how service dogs provide an amazing difference.

Combating the Dangers of an Invisible Illness

Therapy dogs are trained to lessen the dangers that come with an invisible illness. Here are a few examples of how therapy dogs can keep you or your child safe:

  • Diabetic Alert Dogs alert diabetics for sharp highs and lows and retrieve medications.
  • An Autism Service Dog keeps autistic children from running away and engaging in harmful behavior.
  • Seizure Response Dogs keep their handler safe in public situations, in the case of a seizure. They are also capable of retrieving food and medication after a seizure.

These are all just examples of what a therapy dog is capable of. There are many more benefits of having a service dog. However, not all benefits are seen by the eye. Service dogs also help those with invisible illness find companionship and more chances for social interaction, helping foster a stronger upbringing for those with invisible illness.

Peace and Independence Aren’t Far Away

Our service dogs have proven to be a miracle for those with an invisible illness. Over the years, we’ve seen therapy dogs rekindle the spark that those with invisible illness and their families have lost through extensive fear, worry and care. No longer do you have to worry about your child getting into danger in public because of his or her invisible disease. With your assistant dog, you will find a peace of mind letting him or her be independent and carry out a normal life.

Through their expert training, acute senses and compassionate nature, service dogs provide an amazing difference in the lives of those with invisible illness and their families. The dangers, fears and isolation are lessened, as peace and independence are enhanced.  Living a full life is indeed an option despite invisible illness. If you or a loved one are interested in learning more about SDWR’s service dogs, please contact us today.