Friday, April 24, 2015

Coloring for Miracles & Autism Grants

What is autism care? If you have a loved one on the spectrum, you know autism care can mean many things. From searching for your loved one when he or she has eloped, to finding peace through tantrums and outbreaks, there is so much that a guardian has to care for on a daily basis. At Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers, it’s our mission to help provide service dogs for those with or caring for an invisible illness. Our non-profit helps offset the cost of a service dog and place service dogs in the homes of families for training. With our unique training program, our clients have been able to live safer, fuller lives.

How Do Autism Assistance Dogs Make a Difference?

With an Autism Service Dog, you know you can trust that your child on the spectrum is in good hands. With unexpected episodes or outbursts, a service dog can help keep any child calm and interrupt irrational behavior. This is the same for self-harm as well - when a child engages in this behavior, a service dog is trained to gently interrupt their handler from continuing. When a child attempts to run away, a service dog can stop him or her; if he or she has already run away, they can help to find the lost child.

In addition to the safety precautions they provide, Autism Assistance Dogs can also help children develop necessary skills. They facilitate improved sleep patterns, increased social interaction, help with sensory processing disorders, reading, and more. With an autism dog, children and adults on the spectrum are able to lead a more structured life.

Coloring for Miracles: Win a $10,000 Grant for an Autism Service Dog

In honor of Autism Awareness Month, SDWR is awarding five $10,000 grants to those participating in our ‘Coloring for Miracles’ campaign. Participants will choose a coloring page on our site, color it in with their loved one and let us know how an Autism Assistance Dog would make a difference in their household. An application is to be filled out with the coloring page attached, and participants will pay a submission fee. SDWR will choose the top coloring pages to be awarded $10,000. Submissions end April 30th, 2015. Apply today! Find submission information at

Do you have questions about our ‘Coloring for Miracles’ campaign? Are you interested in an Autism Service Dog? Contact SDWR for more information.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Service Dogs for Autism Care

If you are an autism care taker, you most likely know the challenges autism care presents on an everyday basis. The need to care for your loved one on the spectrum can be overwhelming, and with a lack of autism support, constant care is sometimes your only option.

At Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers, it’s our mission to help families who struggle with the constant demands of raising an Autistic child. We train our service dogs to understand all aspects of autism, so you feel like you have a caretaker, friend and guardian. SDWR service dogs are the best dogs for Autistic children for a number of reasons. Read to to learn why assistance dogs for autism are great for providing autism care.

They Prevent Physical Harm

Characteristics of autism include self-injurious behavior and unexpected elopment. Both behaviors could result in physical harm if not paid immediate attention to. When a child on the spectrum engages in self-harm, his or her service dog is there to intervene their behavior. If a child tries to elope, the child’s service dog hinders them from wandering. Assistance dogs for autism are there first and foremost to protect your child from any dangers that they may come across. With a service dog at your side, preventing your child from harm becomes easier.

Assistance Dogs For Autism Provide a Blanket of Emotional Support

With autism, having your child remain calm in all situations can prove to be a challenge. Outbreaks are normal, and dealing with them can get exhausting. With a service dog at his or her side, your child will feel an overall calming effect. Children with autism dogs are more prone to remain relaxed and feel more secure with a companion. The provide emotional stability both at home and in public settings. In addition, Autism Service Dogs aid in increased social interaction, improved sleep patterns, and more.

Finding Autism Support Through a Service Dog

If you can relate to any of the above situations, it might be time to turn to a service dog for support in autism care. SDWR provides service dogs for individuals on the spectrum. Our dogs are fully trained to aid in autism support and care. If you or a loved one are in need of a service dog, please contact SDWR today.

In honor of Autism Awareness Month, SDWR is awarding five $10,000 autism assistance dog grants to those who enter our “Coloring for Miracles” contest. To find more information and to apply, please visit Submissions run through April 2015.