Diabetic Alert Dogs by Warren Retrievers custom designs training programs for each Medical Service Dog that we place. We understand that Diabetes is very personal, and affects each and every diabetic differently. That is why our trainers work closely with each family to design a training program that will work best for them with their life style.

Training a Service Dog for Diabetes

Do you have any tips for training Diabetic Alert Dogs?

No, we do not share details about training since our program changes to suit each family as needed.
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I already have a dog and really like my dog. Can you train my dog to become my Service Dog?

No, while we do not require you to re-home your current pets. We also find it more successful to work with dogs already in our training program. These dogs have already passed our temperament requirements and our stringent health requirements, and we are able to match each particular dog’s strengths to best fit our clients’ needs.

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