Yes We Can

Accommodating our clients' needs is the first priority of Diabetic Alert Dogs by Warren Retrievers. Following are a few of the questions we are asked on a regular basis: 

I see that you are located in Virginia. Do you place dogs only in Virginia? We work with clients worldwide. Whether you live inside or outside of the United States, contact us for more information about a Diabetic Alert Dog.

We've been told if we get a service dog, we have to get rid of our family dog. Is that true? We do not require you to re-home your family dog.

My diabetic child is two years old. Is that too young to have a Diabetic Alert Dog? We will work with you no matter your diabetic child's age. I have reactive hypoglycemia. I am not diabetic. Can I still have an alert dog? We can work with individuals with a variety of medical conditions (including hypoglycemia) requiring a medical alert dog.

For more information, contact us by visiting our website or by phone at 540-543-2307 

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