Monday, November 25, 2013

Holiday Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe

This time of year calls for gatherings of family and friends in all different settings. Whether your dog doubles as the trusty homestead guardian while your away and serving as the family mascot during get togethers, or he accompanies you to all outings (as many of our families experience having Service Dogs) one of the important things many dog owners overlook during the hustle and bust of the season is Canine Safety!

You will likely come into contact with people who don't have as strict of guidelines as you do with your dog, or even people who have never had a dog of their own. It may be co-workers at a Christmas Party, your uncles from out of state, or your obnoxious 3rd cousin's children who never seem to listen, but it stands to reason that you will have to say "Oh! Please don't do that!" at least once this Holiday Season. We don't want you to spend this Holiday in a cramped Emergency Vet Clinic with other animal owners who wish they would have had this knowledge, so we're arming you with it early on!

It is easy for people to think of dogs as "garbage disposals", but their digestive system is much different than their human counterparts! This chart shows some of the most important things to steer clear of this time of year! Print it out and strategically place it with the dinnerware. Provide your guests with some light reading material prior to the meal. Plater it on the walls if you have to, but whatever you do don't give the dog beer!

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